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Persuasive essay - Andrei Casali 11/30/06 1 of 5 Who would...

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Andrei Casali 11/30/06 1 of 5 Who would think we would use history’s greatest invention hundreds of times on the very same day? We take great inventions for granted because they have always been with us since the day we were born. A great invention changes the course of our history and shapes, both, old and new societies by having useful applications. It is also one that is a great technological advance which fulfills the necessities of man kind or greatly improves our quality of life. There have always been inventions, however, only a few transcend through out the history of mankind and are used as much today as the day they were invented. Such is the case for an invention we use every day of our lives, but hardly stop to think about. Whether we realize it or not, the wheel is considered the most important invention in history: existing in almost every industrial process, transportation medium, and having shaped our civilizations since its creation some eight thousand years ago. At around 6000 B.C., the Mesopotamian peoples created a tool that would completely boost the human race into an age of technological advance. Even though the oldest wheel found dates back to around 3,500 B.C., it is believed the wheel was invented long before that time. It began as simple round logs placed together that were capable of rolling while a heavy load was placed on top. However, it was not very practical due to the fact that logs had to be placed in front and under the load, from the begging until its destination was reached. Therefore, the load was placed on a sledge, and as the rollers advanced, they became grooved where the sledge supported most of its weight. These indentations provided a greater distance before the next roller was added. Realizing this, the logs were grooved only to later loose most of the wood between the grooves, forming
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Andrei Casali 11/30/06 2 of 5 2 wheels and an axle. The tool was still only one piece, and soon, people realized that placing round holes in the center of the wheels and placing the axel through these, the
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Persuasive essay - Andrei Casali 11/30/06 1 of 5 Who would...

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