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Arms and the man- You wrote the essay on this shit. Chapter 3: -Culture- values, standards, and patterns of behavior. -Enculturation- learning about our culture by watching and imitating the behaviors of others and listening to their stories. -Subculture- Cultures of peoples that are different from the dominant culture but large enough to support their own kind of theatre- Ethnic: black, Mexican, Jewish, Asian; Gender: feminist dykes; Sexual Orientation: dykes and gays -Theatre of People- is a forum for everyday people to express themselves, giving a voice to the voiceless. “The People” – everyday people who are not in dominant culture. “Not the people” – dominant culture peoples with a voice -Augusto Boal- Brazilian theatre director who created theatre of the oppressed. -Spect-actor- -Theatre of oppressed- Aim is to equip and empower people to change themselves and the world around them, actors and spectators participate. -Theatre of the people- -Theatre of Identity- promotes people’s awareness of themselves and their experiences, traditions, and culture. Plays written and acted out by members of that culture. -Theatre of Protest- objects to the dominant culture’s control and demands that a minority culture’s voice and political agenda be heard. Founded in 1965 performed on the back of trucks driven out into fields. -Cross-cultural theare- borrows elements from all different cultures -Yiddish Broadway- it was a Jewish theatre area on 2 nd avenue in NYC in the 1900’s -Spotlight on diversity- -Blackface- white people putting on black make up to make themselves look black -Color blind casting- casting actors regardless of their race -Miss Saigon- A white actor played the lead role of the Asian guy and the Asian actors got pissed and threatened with the union. - El Teatro Campesino- did more than celebrate Latinos. It protested social injustice with improvised plays to support farm workers who were in a strike against California grape owners -Performance style- performed on the back of flatbed trucks, plays often casted with striking workers which narrowed the line between performer and audience and made audience participation critical. -Karen Finley- chick who was denied the NEA grant because of a law prohibiting diverse beliefs and values, who then sued but lost. -August Wilson- Views that color blind casting is wrong and that new plays need to be
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Study Guide Page 2 - Arms and the man- You wrote the essay...

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