Fast Food Nation MACRO Economics

Fast Food Nation MACRO Economics - 1. What issues or...

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1. What issues or problems is the author dealing with? The author explains that the world (but more specifically America) is being corrupted by fast food companies such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, and KFC. These companies endanger not only America’s health, but also the employees of their providers. They control the “food” market with their unhealthy but cheap products. 2. What are two or three major points the author is trying to make? The author tries to make the readers realize that these companies are getting more powerful everyday. Fast food companies are responsible for 90 percent of the countries new jobs. This means that more and more people are obtaining poor jobs that generally require a rather low level of education. He also points out that fast food is part of American culture. One quote that exemplifies this is “Fast food has joined Hollywood movies, blue jeans, and pop music as one of America's most prominent cultural exports. Unlike other commodities, however, fast food isn't viewed, read, played, or worn. It enters the body and becomes part of the consumer. No other industry offers, both literally and figuratively, so much insight into the nature of mass consumption.” 3. How do you feel about the issues or arguments discussed in the book? I agree with many of Schlosser’s remarks. I am completely aware of how bad fast food is
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Fast Food Nation MACRO Economics - 1. What issues or...

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