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Access to Courts Notes

Access to Courts Notes - Access to courts AZ Reporters...

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Access to courts: AZ Reporters Handbook pg. 1-8 NY Times v. Sullivan: Said how far we can criticize the government Private persons who sue the media for defamation must at least prove that the material was published through negligence (failure to exercise reasonable care) Individuals who are public persons for purposes of a libel suit against a mass medium must prove that the defendant exhibited actual malice when material was published (knew that info was false and published it anyway) Nebraska Press Association: The 1 st amendment allows journalists to have reasonable access to courts but that access is limited by the constitutional rights of the defendant Background: court told the press not to show up to court and could not publish anything about the trial (prior restraint) Prior Restraint: The gov. attempts to stop publishing before it happens. Near v. Minnesota determined that this is bad except when protecting National Security
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