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Q: Was it a good idea for Socrates not to include his status of being arrested on his application for Bounty? Should he have accepted the job at Iula’s Diner instead? A: In the end, I feel like that decision will come back to haunt him. For one reason, the fact that he declined to mention it on his job application is a good indicator that it will be referred to in the future. I highly doubt that the author would state this little fact without it holding any significance to the future of the novel. No matter how far he gets at a certain position of employment, he will always have to fear whether or not that his employer will discover his previous jail inhabitance. It’s better to just be honest upfront and getting everything clear from the get-go. Not including on applications could be perceived as a criminal way to avoid his past and he just needs to face it. It might have been stated
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Unformatted text preview: earlier in the book but I can’t recall what time period this story takes place in. If it’s near present & current time, it’s more than likely that a background check will be run and his unfavorable history will be discovered. I’m not so sure that a job at Iula’s Diner would’ve been the best place for him. I’m not too certain on how much that Iula knows about him and the passion that Socrates has for Iula might not be the best thing for him. His fear of his previous encounter with a woman who he had feelings for may cause him to act strangely around Iula and alienate himself from her. It seems that Iula still cares for Socrates and this is evident when he comes into the diner with the scratches on his wrist. She showed immediate concern for his wound & that scares him; I think that was his prime reason for not accepting employment at Iula’s....
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