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QA - December 5 - The Last StoryTeller

QA - December 5 - The Last StoryTeller - perfect since they...

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Q/A – 12/05 – The Last Storyteller Q: Based on what has been revealed so far, do you think Taite will decide to keep the baby? A: It’s obviously too soon to make a detailed & accurate prediction of how that will all turn out but it’s never too soon to make some assumptions. For some unique reason that I don’t fully understand, I just feel that there won’t be any abortion taking place. Perhaps it’s because of my religious background and I’m just assuming that immense faith will have nothing to do with such an act but I don’t really know. Though Sam is far away, I believe that if Taite does decide to keep the child that he would be there to support her. Obviously hiding the pregnancy as she is right now isn’t the best idea but she must in such a nervous craze that she’s not thinking properly. Their relationship is anything but
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Unformatted text preview: perfect since they seem to have a gap bridged between them regarding true feelings and emotions but all relationships need work from time to time. Taite’s stories seem to hold my interest more than I thought they would & it seems that the stories might have enough influence on Taite to make her reconsider having the abortion. Financially, they would be able to support it upon Sam’s commencement from medical school; the emotional burden seems to be the primary issue rather than a financial one. I am anticipating a huge groundbreaking story coming up soon that will most likely determine the fate of Taite’s unborn child. I’m a sucker for happy endings and hope that her and Sam can have this baby together and live happily together but like I mentioned before, it’s too soon to make an accurate prediction....
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