L6 Ecosystems self sustaining mechanisms

Selection natural selection driving force behind

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Unformatted text preview: with advantageous genetic traits CH05-20 Genetic Variation: The Raw Material of Evolution Genetic variation Raw material of evolution Structural, functional or behavioral characteristics develop in members of a population that make them superior to others in the population increases chances of surviving and reproducing Offspring likely to be superior as well CH05-21 Speciation: How New Species Form Evolution may lead to new species formation Occurs most commonly when members of species are separated from one another members of population separated by a physical barrier may evolve along different lines separate species If separated long enough reproductive isolation Geographic Isolation members cannot interbreed CH05-22 Coevolution and Ecosystem Balance Organisms can evolve in concert with one another Coevolution: Changes in one organism can effect changes in the other Prevents one species from destroying another Element of sustainability in natural systems CH05-23 Predator evolves prey may evolve Human Impact on Ecosystems Altering Abiotic Factor...
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