PAMS - Introduction Libra is the Sun zodiac sign for those...

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Introduction Libra is the Sun zodiac sign for those born between September 23 rd and October 22 nd (I was born September 26 th ). The sign is represented by a pair of scales which signifies the Libra’s need to be fair and balanced at all times. Typically, a Libra can view complex situations, even highly emotional ones, and come to a balanced view based on a fair consideration of all the options. However, Libra does not exist without weakness. Two common struggles for the sign are difficulty handling criticism and forgetting to take care of their own needs. There are also many traits of a Libra, but I would like to focus on a select few – slight perfectionist, charitable, plans ahead, and attention to detail. I chose these specific traits not only because they fit my personality to a ‘T’, but also because I feel that they coincide well with ideal managerial attributes. Horoscopes and the zodiac have always been something that captured my attention and as I began to focus on this report, I could not help but notice the many parallels between the traits of effective managers and the traits of a Libra. My initial finding of these similarities came about when taking the Personal Assessment of Management Skills (PAMS). My strengths and weaknesses identified in the results of the PAMS coincided incredibly with the strengths and weaknesses listed above for a Libra. In preparing this report, I immediately addressed one of my weaknesses – focusing on others more than myself. This paper forced me to take a good look at myself and become more self-aware. It is not something I do often but realize now that I should in order to gain an understanding of the areas I excel in as well as those areas that need improvement. Furthermore, I also tackled another weakness – difficulty handling criticism. In order to fully assess my current self, I needed to turn to others (such as managers and co-workers) for their feedback and
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opinions. In all, it was an immaculate learning experience and truly excelled my personal growth for the future. Within this report, you will find the steps I took, as well as the results, to research and gather data and opinions from myself, my current manager, and current co-workers. I did so through the use of the PAMS evaluation, interviews, text books, and self-assessments. I will discuss the general picture of managerial skills and how they relate to my ideal future career followed by my personal picture of the managerial skills I possess as well as what skills could use some improvement. Later in the report I will provide a basic overview of my own personal history and then provide an analysis of all these findings and what insights I have gained. Most importantly, I will examine the specific skills that I feel need improvement and a plan on how to go about making those improvements. The General Picture – Critical Skills
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PAMS - Introduction Libra is the Sun zodiac sign for those...

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