EconomicHistoryDevelop - Economic History and Economic...

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Economic History and Economic Development The Central Questions Why are some nations rich and others poor? What causes uneven economic development? Economic History looks at the following: Origins of current situations Fundamentals of economic development in real situations Need to not only discover the “facts” of what happened but an interpretation that explains what happened Development and Underdevelopment Developed Economy High per capita income - modern industrial economy or providing services to one Underdeveloped or Developing Economies Low per capita income - often little industrialization or poorly organized industry and services Ways of Measuring Per capita income, life expectancy, ease of communication and travel, Physicians per 1,000, Energy consumption, TV’s, Literacy, Education Expenditure Distribution of GDP by Sector, Urban VS Rural population Growth, Development, Progress Are these the same thing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
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EconomicHistoryDevelop - Economic History and Economic...

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