SecondLogistic - Europes Second Logistic Logistics of...

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Europe’s Second Logistic Logistics of Economic Growth Logistic curve or S curve Describes many social phenomena including population growth (perhaps linked to economic growth) Also the “rise and fall” of societies - in the final phase of a logistic stagnation and social unrest Intellectual link? (Golden ages VS the Renaissance?) 1450-1600s - A new curve An era of expansion demographically and geographically The principle centers of Economic Activity in Europe moved northward to the Atlantic Wars of Religion disrupt countries socially, religiously, but appear not to have had a huge economic impact except for in Spain Population and Levels of Living Mid 15th c. = 45-50 mil Mid 17th c. = 100 mil Gradual decline in plague and epidemics Higher real wages in early part of cycle may have shifted marriage age lower and lead to higher birth rates Also lower death rates by end of cycle Countries by population density Italy and the Netherlands 40 per km 2 France 35 per km 2 England and Wales 33 per km 2 Germany 28 per km 2 Spain and Portugal 17 per km 2 Eastern Europe 14 per km 2 Russia 1.5 - 2 per km 2 Scandinavia 1.5 - 2 per km 2 Populations density relates to agricultural productivity Population and Development Population increases not always tied to economic development Cities growing but not as industrial centers yet
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SecondLogistic - Europes Second Logistic Logistics of...

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