DawnModIndustry - The Dawn of Modern Industry...

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Unformatted text preview: The Dawn of Modern Industry Proto-industry to industry 0. Proto-industry (cottage, domestic, putting out) 0. Dispersed, rural workers who purchase some of their means of subsistence 1. Organized by urban entrepreneurs who supply raw materials and take finished goods to distant markets 1. Proto-factories 2. Landowner-entrepreneurs build centrally organized factories for production - but NOT mechanized 3. Ironworks, glassworks, shipyards, textiles 2. Industry not overnight - transition in key areas Characteristics of Modern Industry 3. Primary and Secondary sectors 4. Diminished relative role of agriculture 5. Yet greater productivity - feed more people 6. Rise in secondary sector (mining, construction, manufacturing) 4. Extensive use of mechanically powered machinery 5. Introduction of new inanimate sources of power - fossil fuels 6. Widespread use of materials not occurring normally in nature Revolution a Misnomer 7. Early emphasis on age of gadgets (inventions), the sudden nature of the change, and the bad effects of industrializing 8. Need to look at range of changes over time 7. Industrial production, national income, efficiency, etc....
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DawnModIndustry - The Dawn of Modern Industry...

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