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Irish Potato Famine 1846-1851 and Black ‘47 Rough Chronology As early as 1845 the potato blight had reached the Irish potato crops Fall of 1846 mortality rose steeply following more crop failures Beggars, roadside deaths, rising crime rates, panic Inadequacy of public works to deal with problem clear by 1847 Acreage in potatoes dropped down to 1/6 of pre-famine levels 1849 blight returns just as trust in potato on rise again Population decreases level off around 1851 Results About 1 million deaths Another 1 million immigrated 1/8 or more of the entire population on poor relief at any given
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Unformatted text preview: time during the crisis • Questions asked by economists include – Why did it happen? – Was it a Malthusian Crisis? – Was Ireland overpopulated before the famine? – Did conditions worsen before the famine? – Was it inevitable? Contemporary Economic Thinking • 1847 The Economist editor James Wilson says “it is no man’s business to provide for another” • Belief that overgenerous relief would just prolong the problem and demoralize the poor • Donor fatigue...
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