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-1Kirsten Wooten Dr. Sanderson English Comp I 09 October 2007 Marked Woman In this essay, there is a woman sitting in an academic conference judging three other woman around her. Throughout the essay, she makes points on how women have markings and how she didn’t realize the other eight men around her because they are unmarked. She gives her own definition of the word “markings” and explains how it alters the base meaning of the word. Ultimately, she states that she is sad because women don’t have the freedom to be unmarked and that men do. She also says that there is no unmarked woman. Tannen sits in a conference looking at each woman closely. She describes each one of them without stating that they are in a category but categorizing them nonetheless. She speaks of the first woman as a plain jane with a classic hairstyle and average makeup and average clothing. She speaks of the second woman with more dignity and sophistication. She tells us this woman is fashionable but comfortable. She tells us about
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Unformatted text preview: the third woman and it tells us that the woman maybe younger and a little dumb. Each woman fits into a category she just doesn’t tell you exactly which one. She moves on from the three women for a while to the definition of markings. She tells markings change the base meaning of words and that the unmarked form of the word carries the meaning for males, such as the word actor. Tannen says that the unmarked word actor means male character, but for the female character you must add the markings of ess. She then begins talking about how male and females are addressed. She says that “Mr.” doesn’t carry any meaning while “Ms.” and “Mrs.” tells your whole background story. I believe this author of this essay was biased on some of the points that she made. I believe that instead of writing how women are marked she should also have done some research and wrote how people in general were marked....
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marked woman.wps - the third woman and it tells us that the...

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