Paper 2 - Theatre Arms The Man Paper II The event of this...

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Theatre The event of this play is when the Serbian army soldier climbs up through Riana’s bedroom window to escape being captured by the Bulgarian troops. There are two parts to the disturbance in the play, the first occurs when Riana is boasting of her fiancé to Bluntschli about how he is such a great leader only to have Bluntschli tell her that her fiancé is a fool on the battlefield. The second disturbance is when Bluntschli tells Riana information about war that contradicts what she has held is such high regard and especially shocks her when he tells her that he carries chocolates instead of bullets into battle. The decision aspect of the play comes when the Bulgarian soldiers come to the Petkoff house looking for a Serbian soldier, Bluntschli who turns out to be a Swiss mercenary, and Riana hides him and lies to the Bulgarian soldiers. The complication of the play transpires when Bluntschli returns to the house after a long period to return a coat that Riana had let him use during his escape. The dark moment of the play happens when Mr. Petkoff invites Bluntschli to stay at the house for lunch and Riana becomes worried that her father will find the picture that she had left in the coat. The climax of the play occurs when Sergius discovers the relationship between Riana and Bluntschli and challenges him to a duel.
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Paper 2 - Theatre Arms The Man Paper II The event of this...

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