Survivor - Keith Wilson 2nd essay Survivor We are about to...

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Keith Wilson 2 nd essay Survivor We are about to embark on a journey that will put Four daring contestants on edge to see if they have what it takes to survive. This is a game of survival that will bring out every weakness and strength each of the contestants has buried in them. We will compete against another team in a challenge unknown at this point. The loser of the two teams will surely meet its death. The game in which I refer will last 4-weeks and the certainty of survival solely depends on the success of the team itself. Seeing how important the success of the 4 contenders will be, I have assembled what I would consider to be the most potentially successful team if placed in a 4-week scenario. One weak link would surely be the end of us. From a handful of contestants my decision is as follows, Chang of Yuan Chen’s “Story of Ying-Ying”, Devasmita of Somedeva’s “Red Lotus of Chastity”, the old woman from Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath’s Tale”, and last but not least Absolom from the Chaucer’s “Miller’s Prologue and Tale”. Chang is a young man his strength will surely aid in our survival, he is also firm and self contained and capable of no improper act (1400). He is said to work well with others. “When his companions include them in one of their parties, the others could all be brawling as though they would never get enough, but Chang would just watch tolerantly without ever taking part (1400)”. His worst enemy is his undying infatuation with a girl
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Survivor - Keith Wilson 2nd essay Survivor We are about to...

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