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Have to plot IV curves on the side to come up with answer. Recording currents from a molecule in a membrane, how do those currents end up in the shape of an IV curve. Downward currents are negative. Are action potentials always negative? No, they’re always positive. Membrane goes from resting body (always negative) to become less negative to become positive. Change in membrane potential in a given time course. Increase in chloride permeability is independent of the chloride ion ratio? No, increase in chloride permeability can either hyperpolarize the membrane or depolarize; whether it’s one or the other depends upon how the Nernst equation and the type of cell. Some cells have different concentrations of chloride. Increase in chloride permeability will always oppose the depolarization that an increase in sodium permeability will bring about. If voltage dependent sodium channels are opening and the chloride ion permeability increases, the peak of the action potential will be smaller. SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. Imagine two spherical calls, A and B, such that the volume of A is larger than that of B. Indicate which of the following statements is correct: 1. For a given amount of translocated charge across the membrane, the transmembrane potential developed in cell A is larger than that developed in cell B. 2. The capacitance of the two cells are the same because the capacitance is a function of the membrane area, not the cell’s volume. 3. The amount of charge that needs to be translocated across the cell membrane to develop a given transmembrane potential is larger in the case of the cell A than in the case of cell B. 4. A and C
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Exam_II_Practice_Questions - Have to plot IV curves on the...

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