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Ross Queneau PSCI 2223 Sec 106 China’s Unpeaceful Rise 1. Right in the beginning he states that china would have a peaceful rise if it were up to them but they wont have this rise because the US will interfere and bring them to the point of war. I don’t think it is fair to say that china will not have peace because the US will not let them. There are to many variables that negate this claim and it is hard to believe that with the world standings right now that a war of that size would be permitted. 2. Mearsheimer says the states most important goal is to survive. I don’t believe this to be true, I think that growth is the states most important goal. There aren’t to many states that die out so survival is not a major concern for states. He also says
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Unformatted text preview: in contradiction that every great power has a goal to maximize their share of world power, not to survive. It seems that survival of a state only comes into play when two great powers go into war and to have a large enough war to wipe out the state they were focused obviously on the growth of the state not the survival. It seems like he contradicts himself early and a lot and does not draw you in with evidence to support him first. 3. If China becomes a threat like the soviet Union in the cold war is it more or less likely that the US will use absolute force and a preemptive strike against China to avoid the tense stand off that was experienced in the cold war era? If no, will China strike the US to avoid the same situation we experienced?...
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