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MULTIPLE CHOICES 1. 7 2. 6 3. 2 4. 4 5. 3 SHORT ESSAYS 1. Pseudogene is an inactive but stable component of a genome resembling a gene. It apparently derived from active genes by mutation. It is nonfunctional. Allelic variant of a gene is one of the alternative forms of a gene, which is functional. 2. Chromosome synteny is the occurrence of two loci on the same chromosome, without regard to the distance between them. LONGER ESSAYS AND PROBLEMS 1. Difference in restriction fragment length and variable number of tandem repeat. Four of the following five: pedigree analysis for determining inheritance patterns and genotypes of individuals with a disease, genotype analysis for genetic counseling, forensic analysis for determining individuals present at a crime scene, genotype analysis for determining parentage and chromosome mapping for determining order of sequences on a chromosome. 2. Mutations in genes that contribute to the formation of healthy eggs have no effect on the viability or appearance of the female making those eggs. Instead, their
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