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chap 8 notes - Chapter 8 Language Production and...

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Chapter 8 Language Production and Conversational Interaction Main Points Speech production is 4 stages 1. Conceptualizing thoughts to be expressed 2. Forming a linguistic plan 3. Articulating the plan 4. Monitoring one’s speech Speech errors (common in highly regular speech patterns) reveal planning units in the production of speech Both serial and parallel models of speech exist, each with separate merits We edit/correct our errors when speaking and the form and timing of these corrections occur in systematic ways Comparisons of the production of signed and spoken lang reveal similarities and differences Slips of the Tongue Emerged in the 1970’s w/ release of article by Fromkin (1971) Article looked at the way speech errors may be used in construction of linguistic arguments Most research looks at nature of the errors themselves, and not the frequency of the errors (say, when your nervous, or tired, errors are more frequent) Types of Speech Errors 1. Shift (She’ll be ready in case she decide to hits it) 2. Exchange (Do you fancy getting your model renosed?) 3. Anticipation (Bake my bike) should be take 4. Perseveration (He pulled a pantrum) tantrum 5. Addition (I didn’t read this clarefully enough) 6. Deletion (Ill just get up and read intelligibly) unintelligibly 7. Substitution (At low speeds it’s too light) heavy 8. Blend (That child is looking to be spaddled) spanked and paddled Garret’s 4 Generalizations 1. Elements that interact with one another tend to come from similar linguistic environments, phonetically (Children interfere with my nife lite) night life 2. Elements that interact with one another tend to be similar to one another (sesame street crackers) sesame seed crackers 3. Slips are generally consistent with phonological rules of language, even when the slips create novel linguistic items (the road was slickery) slick and slippery
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chap 8 notes - Chapter 8 Language Production and...

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