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HWquestions3 - conditions to keep states from proliferating...

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PSCI 2223 Thoughts on Readings 1. After proliferation, the U.S. might loose some of its international political influence because the backing of its influence is depreciated. Will the U.S. start to use its economic influence in the world more strongly to make up for this lack of political influence it is experiencing? 2. What are the other options, aside from the testing of another nuclear weapons, that may be possible in trying to get states to realize that using nuclear weapons would result in their own death? Are there sufficient economic and political
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Unformatted text preview: conditions to keep states from proliferating or a different incentive aside from the actual use of a weapon? 3. How do realism and liberalism fit along with the world if all the states poses nuclear weapons? Will the states be classified in the same way they were before nuclear proliferation just on a larger scale or will these theories be thrown out of the window and allow for the creation of new theories?...
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