September 14

September 14 - a. 100% comply- gives in because they...

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May 6, 2009 Puberty is sex and skeletal changes Testosterone A. Hormone assn. with: a. Development of genitals b. Increased height c. Change in voice in boys d. Increases 18 fold in males, 2 fold in females. B. Estrogen assn. with: a. Breast development b. Uterine development c. Skeletal development d. Estradiol i. Increases 8 fold in females, 2 fold in females ii. 1900 average age for 1 st period 14.2 iii. 91 avg. 12.5 iv. Due to higher std. of living, and better diets, vitamins, working out, etc. C. Adolescence is a time of: Evaluation, Decision making, commitment a. Early adolescence i. Highly idealistic ii. Egocentric iii. They think others are as preoccupied w/ adolescent as they are w/ themselves iv. Unique v. Indestructible D. Otto Rank: Wanted to know who becomes the most creative person in their field
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Unformatted text preview: a. 100% comply- gives in because they don’t want conflict i. Least creative – no anxiety, but no creativity b. 50-50% - highest level of anxiety (more creative than former group) c. 100% Assert own preference (with or without parents approval) i. Wind up being most creative in their field E. Early Adulthood: LEVINSON: a. Levinson – 4 tasks for early adulthood 17-33 i. Define your dream of adult accomplishment ii. Find a mentor: 1. mix of parent/friend 2. boss, older student, teacher 3. someone who is living your dream iii. Develop a vocation: find what you want to do iv. Open yourself up to new intimate relationships: 1. marriage, children F. Middle Age: a. Generativity vs. Stagnation...
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September 14 - a. 100% comply- gives in because they...

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