lect13outline(traumabasedDOs) - TRAUMA BASED DISORDERS...

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TRAUMA BASED DISORDERS Somatoform Disorders Conditions involving physical complaints or disabilities that occur without any evidence of physical pathology to account for them Somatoform Disorders (according to the DSM-IV) Somatization Disorder 300.81 Conversion Disorder 300.11 Pain Disorder 307.xx Hypochondriasis 300.7 (504) Body Dysmorphic Disorder Somatoform Disorder NOS 300.82 (511) Conversion Disorder Symptoms of physical ailments or loss of control appear w/out any underlying organic pathology Pain Disorder **Report of pain of sufficient duration & severity to cause significant life disruption in the absence of a medical pathology Hypochondriasis Factitious Disorders (300.xx) : physical or psychological symptoms are deliberately faked **Feigning of symptoms to maintain the personal benefits that a sick role may provide Factitious Disorder by Proxy (Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy) & child abuse: a psychological disorder in which a
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lect13outline(traumabasedDOs) - TRAUMA BASED DISORDERS...

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