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Deindividuation: loss of individuality within a group Informational social influence.: good conformity. prejudice ( 3 theories) Equity: you get out what you put in Affiliation. color cones and blind rods: center of rhetina. Rods cause color blindness in peripheral vision. sensory adaptation Shape, size, visual capture perceptual set: old/young woman picture The contrast effect similarity Convergence law of continuity
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Unformatted text preview: sleep apnea stop breathing in your sleep Loftus Reality Monitoring Context-Dependent Memory State-Dependent Memory People tend to be irrational and that behavior is influenced by the situation The observer underestimates the effect of the situation Asch: people would rather be liked than to be right Milgram: shock experiment. Were they german, or the situation? 65% of adults complied...
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