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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY EARLY DEVELOPMENT Genotype: Genetic information inherited from one’s parents. Phenotype: Physical, Behavioral, and psychological features that are the result of the interaction between one’s genes and the environment. Prenatal Development Scene 1 = Scene 2 = Fertilized egg dividing and folding into itself to form the basic Period of Zygote = Period of the Embryo = - from 3 to 8 weeks after conception. - body parts are formed during this period Period of the Fetus= - from 9 weeks after conception of birth - Highlights: increase in size, systems begin to function - Age of viability- 22-28 weeks. Critical vs. Sensitive periods: imply a more restricted period of time and an inability to recover from the effects of the environmental factor. Sensitive Period: refers to a more difuse period of time and a potential for recovery (intellectual development) **Teratogens – Agents such as chemicals or viruses that can reach the embryo or fetus during prenatal development and cause harm. DEVELOPMENT Physical peak in mid-20’s I. Infant Capabilities a. Rooting Reflex – baby’s tendency when touched on the cheek to open mouth and reach for the nipple
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b. Sucking Reflex – causes baby to suck on anything that touches his or her face. i.
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lect4and5outline(devt1) - PSY120-CAROL DONNELLY Tuesday,...

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