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lect18_19(stress_health_motivn) - PSY120-CAROL DONNELLY...

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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY LECTURE 18 STRESS & HEALTH General Adaptation Syndrome GAS = model of stress **Phase 1: **Phase 2: **Phase 3: Stress & Health Mechanism Stress (stressor) → Sick (response) Stress (stressor) → decreased lymphocytes (from bone & thymus) → Sick (response) Control = Subjective sense of control to stay healthy Learned Helplessness — The dog example. When the dog would jump from side to side. It was tied down so that it couldn’t jump anymore. When the harnesses were released. The dog would still not jump because it had learned to be helplessness. Social Readjustment Rating Scale Death of spouse 100 Divorce 73 Jail term 63 Marriage 50 Change in living conditions 25 Vacation 13 Christmas 11 **What is the pathway toward health vs. sickness? - Challenge v. threat
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- Optimistic v. pessimistic - Exercise v. smoking - Enduring v. lacking - Health v. sickness Personality Types Type A = Very competitive; Always on the go, always in a hurry, consistent drive in life, demands perfection. Workaholic. They tend to have lots of rage.
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  • MUSCLE RELAXATION, relaxation Autogenic relaxation, Health Mechanism Stress, Relaxation **Progressive Muscle

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