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lect15(personality disorders)

lect15(personality disorders) - PSY120-CAROL DONNELLY...

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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY PERSONALITY DISORDERS **We all have a personality But what does is mean to say one has a Personality Disorder? It’s a disorder of the SELF U.S. prevalence is 2.5% Ego Dystonic = Axis I: temporary (e.g., panic attack “not me”) Ego Syntonic = Axis II Ego-syntonic = “this is okay, this is me” It’s “who I am”, “What’s your problem?” *relatively permanent, patterns of maladaptive behavior Characteristics of Personality Disorders **In life loads of flexibility is needed PD stems from: inflexible & distorted patterns behavior rigidity to stress…. same wrong thing over & over chronic, ingrained, pervasive personality patterns they don’t have the perspective to think of change They have an inability to bounce back after a setback They won’t try new things. They think, “this is what I need to do to survive” E.g. if attempt to make a friend & fail, then avoid all human contact in future They don’t try new strategies DSM-IV-TR: 3 clusters (based on symptom similarities) The diagnosis of more that one personality disorder in an individual patient is common “New Personality” Continuum Approach . Oldham, MD & Morris I. CLUSTER A Odd Behaviors (Social dysfunction) Eccentric Paranoid Personality Disorder - distrust of anyone (mother therressa) - suspicious Schizoid Personality Disorder
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  • Spring '08
  • Donnely
  • Schizoid personality disorder, Schizotypal personality disorder, Avoidant personality disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder

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lect15(personality disorders) - PSY120-CAROL DONNELLY...

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