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COM318 - i Are less resistant to counter persuasion ii...

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COM318-8.28.2006 A. Central route : focus on the substance of the message (ideas, information, evidence, reasoning) a. Requires careful, critical evaluation of the message. b. Those persuaded after “mental labor” i. Are resistant to counter persuasion ii. Remain persuaded months after iii. Have predictable future behavior B. Peripheral route : focus on cues not directly related to substance (persuader’s attractiveness, nonverbal cues, repeated exposure to messages, slogans, jingles, clever words) a. Requires little processing or evaluation. b. Those persuaded with “little mental labor”
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Unformatted text preview: i. Are less resistant to counter persuasion ii. Remain persuaded for a short time iii. Have unpredictable future behavior I. Learning Theories : a. S-R (stimulus response): we are passive entities with an absence of critical thought. (Woodward & Denton, pp.142-144) i. Prestigious suggestion: associations with prestigious sources 1. Celebrity endorsement/ sponsorship ii. Brand name identification/ loyalty b. S-O-R (stimulus-organism-response): message and mediating forces within are triggered by drives and motives. i. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs...
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