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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY Blurry blob coming at you?? SENSATION Once you “interpret” the blob as a baseball?? PERCEPTION Sensation = Perception = Subliminal Messages Messages presented below the absolute threshold for awareness Can influence, but never control behavior Sensory Adaptation = Photoreceptor Cells **Cones = **Rods = The eye is not a camera!! **We can see things that are not there: floating finger sausage Perceptual Organization (Two main theories) Direct (Gibson) Constructivist Figure/Ground Tendency to see one thing or the other when dealing w/reversible figures (Vases vs. faces) Rat Man Perceptual set can be influenced by _________ & ___________
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Depth Perception Monocular Cues— Binocular Cues-- Monocular Cues Relative Size Overlap --When 1 object is partially covered by another, we perceive it as farther away Linear perspective/distance --We perceive the convergence of what we know to be
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Unformatted text preview: parallel lines as indicating increased distance Texture Gradient — Binocular Cues Retinal Disparity--Refers to the somewhat different images our 2 eyes receive of the same object Convergence-- Proximity--Near each other, we group together (ex: 2 people on a bus—perceived as a couple who get on & off at the same stop) Similarity — Closure--If a figure has gaps, we complete it (e.g., Necker Cube) Continuity — Perceptual Constancy Shape Constancy — Color Constancy--Color looks different in different lights, but is the same Size Constancy — Contrast Effect--Although they are identical, the perceived lightness of the interior rectangle differs depending on their surroundings Overconfidence Phenomenon--tendency to overestimate the accuracy of our current knowledge...
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lect22(senstn_percptn) - parallel lines as indicating...

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