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PSY200—CAROL DONNELLY November 30, 2006 CONSCIOUSNESS Altered States of Consciousness Stages of sleep Sleep disorders Dreams Daydreams Hypnosis Meditation Alcohol Psycho-active drugs Near death experience Why do we sleep? Rhythm of sleep Circadian rhythm Sleep Cycle Every 90 minutes Stage 4 very brief—REM gets longer Stage 1 Experience fantastic images like hallucinations, sensation of falling body jerks suddenly EEG = relatively slow alpha waves Stage 2 Lasts ~ 2 minutes Stage 3---A transitional phase to the deep sleep of stage 4 Stage 4 Deep sleep Large delta waves (~30 min) Hard to awaken Sleep talk, sleep walk, wet the bed REM Sleep Very rapid brain waves (as if awake) Heart rate rises; breathing increases Sexually aroused Begin to dream
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Sleep Deprivation Feel fatigued; effects well-being Impaired creativity, concentration Decreased immune system Irritability Slight hand tremors Sleep Disorders Insomnia = Narcolepsy = periodic uncontrollable attacks of overwhelming sleepiness; suddenly lapse into REM sleep Sleep Apnea = Night Terrors
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lect23outline(consciousness) - PSY200-CAROL DONNELLY...

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