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Essay 1 Outline - midterm - Located in Paris, the capital...

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Essay 1 Outline England England wanted justice to be easy to get Wanted economic power and the right to collect taxes – government Henry II implemented a series of reforms titled Royal Writ – if money has been taken from you or you’ve been fucked inherently, you can get a royal writ It provides revenue for the king Extremely successful; both the people and the king benefited from this France Phillip Augustus French wanted a royal power to turn to Created the Bailiff – the thing you get for the right to appeal in court First take problem to local court, then turn to royal court or Parliament of Paris
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Unformatted text preview: Located in Paris, the capital of France Easier to maintain records with a centralized location Modern day equivalent of Supreme Court Consisted of the most powerful people in France Both-People wanted security and property rights, but most importantly they yearned for judicial equality Thesis : King Henry IIs Royal Writ and Phillip IIs bailiff successfully solved their peoples concerns regarding security, property rights, and most importantly, judicial equality....
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