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September 12 - September 12 Piaget Schema A concept or...

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September 12 Piaget Schema: A concept or framework that organizes & interprets information - Assimilate: Maintain Schema - Accommodate: Change Schema 1. Sensorimotor: Birth – 2 years - Infant experiences the world through senses & actions (looking, touching) - Object permanence (9mo) - Stranger anxiety 2. Preoperational – 2-6 years - Child represents things with words & images, but cannot use logic. - Ability to pretend - Cannot reverse information - Egocentric - Cannot understand negative instructions - Animism – acting as though nature was alive 3. Concrete Operational – 7-12 years - Child thinks logically about concrete events - can grasp most ideas 4. Former Operational: - Teen Years: discovers abstract reasoning, scientific reasoning, potential for Moral reasoning Vygovski, criticized piaget for making thoughts feel automatic when they come from interaction with parents. Friends have more influence on our thoughts and feelings that primary care givers (parents) Pre conventional Morality: Infancy – age 9, avoid punishment, gain rewards. Conventional Morality: Adolesance – gain approval, avoid disapproval; do duty to
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September 12 - September 12 Piaget Schema A concept or...

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