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notes from class - Forming began in our group when we were...

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Forming began in our group when we were all brought together by the professor. Our first meeting took place in class. Our first team activity was also in class where we described our beliefs and values. We had to talk about our goals and objections for the year. Along with the project we were learning each others pasts and history in relation to our stand points on various controversial topics. We began as quiet and polite individuals to start. While we were working in our groups for the first time, we were very quiet and for the most part kept to our selves. There were no definite and outspoken opinions. We also learned that most of our goals were similar in that we all held ourselves to high academic standards. Since we were all similarly goal oriented, it made our situation easier to deal with. This made our groups de Storming took place when we began working on other team projects. Deadlines for our first projects were discussed it was a bit of an argument. On the first two quizzes we also
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