Chapter 7 Book Notes

Chapter 7 Book Notes - Book Notes Chapter 7 I The...

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Book Notes Chapter 7 I. The Importance of Intercultural Communication a. Increased Opportunities for intercultural contact i. Cheap cost to travel ii. Exciting studying abroad opportunities iii. Increased cultural diversity iv. The internet b. Enhanced business effectiveness i. Primary cause for failure is lack of attention to cultural factors c. Improved intergroup relations i. The need to reduce some of the political problems in the world ii. Mediation : peaceful third party intervention d. Enhanced Self-Awareness i. Increased self knowledge II. What is Intercultural Communication? a. Low degree of interculturalness = conversations with parents b. High degree = foreign teaching assistant c. 2 essential components are communication and culture d. Heterogeneous : diverse III. Intercultural Communication and the Individual a. Intercultural communication on the borders i. Border Dwellers: groups of people who live between cultures ii. Border Dwellers Through Travel 1. U-Curve theory: Individuals go through 3 stages adapting to a new culture:
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Chapter 7 Book Notes - Book Notes Chapter 7 I The...

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