Chapter 11 Book Notes

Chapter 11 Book Notes - find the persona credible informed...

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Chapter 11 Book Notes Aristotle’s Proofs - A rhetor is a person or institution that addresses a large audience - Ethos (or credibility) o The most important artistic proof o Rhetor gains credibility through three main characteristics: good sense, moral character, and good will He also included family background, attractiveness, and athletic ability o Rhetors can create and project personas that help them communicate message effectively o Persona’s describe the identity one creates through ones public communication efforts o The public persona a speaker projects can enhance her those if audiences
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Unformatted text preview: find the persona credible, informed, or intelligent o Interpretations of ethos are influenced not only by how a speaker presents herself or himself, but also by social factors such as stereotypes, assumptions, and other biases-Pathos o The rhetorical use of emotions to affect audience decision making o Speakers often use emotion to influence the audience to identify with a particular perspective-Logos (or rational appeals) o Refers to the use of rhetoric to help the audience see the rationale for a particular conclusion o Reasoning or rationality...
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Chapter 11 Book Notes - find the persona credible informed...

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