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Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms - Defense Mechanisms Psychic mechanisms...

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Defense Mechanisms: - Psychic mechanisms that discharge or sooth anxiety - Unconcious Repression: People have things that are buried alive (something disturbing) – pushed into unconscious Intellectualism: Thinking abstractly about stressful problems in a way of detecting oneself from the situation Reaction formation: Expression of exaggerated ideas and emotions that are the opposite of one’s repressed beliefs or feelings Rationalization: Self-serving explanations & justifications of behavior: if you cant get it “ I didn’t want to anyways” Displacement: Shifting repressed emotions and justifications from an original object to a substitute object. Suppression: the intentional blocking of recall (back burner) Denial: refusing to acknowledge a painful or threatening reality Undoing: Making a retribution for an unacceptable act completed or even complicated Example: Confession booth Projection: Attributing your own unacceptable impulses, feelings, or wishes to someone or something else. Sublimation: altering unacceptable impulses by changing them to completely acceptable, even admirable, social behaviors Identification: Taking on the characteristics of someone else to avoid feeling incompetent LEARNING: the process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior Classical Conditioning: leads to the learning of relations between events that occur
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