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NATHAN JENSEN T-TH 4.30 C. DONNELY EXTRA CREDIT 4.26.07 Technology has become one of the most important parts of modern society. There have been technological advances beyond imagination for some. We have people developing new technologies everyday. These new developments allow automation throughout the day and make previously rigorous tasks seem effortless. Among the new technologies, cellular phones are at the head of the frontier. When they began, cell phones were used for what their name describes. They made phone calls. Now, cellular devices are used for browsing the web, exchanging e-mails, text messages, and various other tasks. Mobile phones and other tech devices have become a burden to social interaction and are isolating people from others. In the early 90s, we did not have the problem of isolation from technology like we do now. The things we do in our daily life did not exist in the beginning of that decade. Now, we can alert our entire client list, schedule meetings, say hello to our significant other, and order lunch without opening our mouth. Forget that you haven’t seen or spoken to anyone, you don’t even have to open your mouth. At the turn of the new millennium, technology became the fastest moving industry in the world. Almost everyone has a computer now, where ten or twenty years ago people were waiting for the PC to fail out of the consumer market. Now technology has a part in everyone’s life. Even the tough minded do it yourselfers have a part in it. In today’s world it is not uncommon to wake up and sit in your computer chair versus going to the front door to read the news paper. Print media is being overtaken by the internet. There is almost no
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way for the newspapers to compete anymore. They are relying solely on their past reputation as being the single source for news. There are millions of news topics on the internet whereas the news paper holds 20 or 30 topics maybe. After reading all the articles online, I developed a survey that would compliment my findings. There is a wall created by technology that blocks human interaction in the workplace and society in general. Questions I used in the survey are simple and to the point to gather all the information I need to develop a hypothesis. Before I gave the survey, my mindset was that technology proved to hinder human interaction and personal relationships. The first question asked whether people owned a cell phone or not. All ten
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extra credit - NATHAN JENSEN T-TH 4.30 C. DONNELY EXTRA...

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