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HWQuestions2 - Int Mngmt Homework 1 1 There were many...

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Int. Mngmt. Homework 1 1. There were many cultural differences that stood in the way of the Japanese running a successful venture in the US. The first cultural difference was that the Japanese culture is a communitarian culture. This means that they work as a group and believe that no one person should have special skills but that every one can do any ones job. A second difference was the fact that the Japanese have a neutral culture. The Japanese didn’t express emotions and this was odd to the joke telling Americans who expected some emotions. These cultural differences hindered the Japanese integration into the American business because they didn’t change the cultural values that were in opposition to the American way of life 2. The cultural differences that the Japanese possessed brought an unfamiliar ness to the American workers and these cultural differences stood in the way of the American workers doing their job. American culture is very individualistic; they like to specialize in certain areas to help out where they can. The Japanese had
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