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PSCI 2223 Sections 106: 116: Response Paper 15% of your grade consists of a 6-8 page paper (12 pt Times New Roman font, double- spaced, 1” margins) based on the readings covered in class. The purpose of this paper is to practice evaluating arguments on a theoretical level – identifying the assumptions and perspectives used in developing an argument, and evaluating whether these assumptions and perspectives are valid. You have two options with this paper: 1) Using one additional reading from the class (such as Odom’s “Withdraw Now” from week 5), discuss the theoretical foundations for the author’s argument: What theoretical perspective (realist/neorealist, liberal/neoliberal, radical, constructivist, or other) does this author approach the topic from? What assumptions does he/she make? How does he/she think the world works? Is this perspective consistent throughout the paper? Write a critique of this perspective from an alternate theoretical perspective (i.e.: if you think that the author has a realist take on the
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