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Marketing Worksheet Update Because you did such a fine job in making recommendations to the Hightowers on their operations plan and HR plan, they have asked you to continue on as a consultant and return with suggestions for a marketing plan. Having now acquired all of the property around the lake, they are determined to “make a go of it,” that is, run the properties as a complete resort, making it a profitable business venture. They know, however, that much of their success will depend upon having (and executing) an integrated marketing plan.
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Unformatted text preview: Their market research has shown them that most of the lake resorts within 50 miles of Hightower Lake are “traditional” vacation facilities, with institutional accommodations, modern facilities, and a quiet, adult atmosphere. Most have adopted a “competitive” price strategy, charging prices that are in line with other resorts in the area. A review of the marketing materials for those resorts shows that most of them stress their locations as places to “get away from it all and relax.”...
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