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Business and Law

Business and Law - 2 defendant is the criminal ii Naming...

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Business and Law Where does the law come from? - Constitutions, state and federal constitution are the framework for all. - Treaties & Executive Agreements - Statues/Ordinances - Administrative Regulations - Case law Why is the law important to business? - there are certain things you can do to help. Law is the fabric you do business on A. Civil and Criminal Law: a. Civil law- Law and equity i. Parties (people v. people, people v. firms) 1. plaintiff- files the suit 2. defendant- being sued ii. Naming cases iii. Remedies: what do you get? b. Criminal Law – Felonies and misdemeanors i. Parties 1. plaintiff is the state
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Unformatted text preview: 2. defendant is the criminal ii. Naming causes iii. Results B. Contracts and Contract Law a. Elements of contracts i. Offer, acceptance, consideration, legal capacity, legal subject matter. b. Types of contracts: i. Bilateral and unilateral ii. Express& implied iii. Valid, void and voidable iv. Quasi contracts c. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): a model act put together by legislators, attorneys, professors, etc. made a code that was universal and made sense to everyone. i. It allows you to do business with companies in other states....
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