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Term Paper Notes Nathan Jensen Friday, 4.30 Rec. Servant leadership is based on serving others. Including but not limited to co-workers, customers, or the community. Robert K. Greenleaf is known as the “father of servant leadership” - According to Greenleaf, a person must put serving front most of priorities. - Greenleaf describes aspiring to lead as being achievable only after other’s needs are met. Leaders have multiple responsibilities: - concern for tasks - Concern for people (servant leaders are more focused on people than tasks.) Greenleaf quotes Jesus of Nazareth: “anyone wanting to be a leader among you must be your servant” - Range of leadership spans from servant first to leader first (at the negative side, with a desire for power and money) Larry Spears: GEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership: 10 characteristics 1. Listening: Focusing on not only listening to other people, but understanding them. 2. Empathy: Relating to others and understanding emotions and moods 3. Healing: people or organizations 4. Persuasion: convince, not force. 5. Awareness: Being aware of self first, then others 6. Foresight: Perception, anticipation, and proactive 7. Conceptualization: See the big picture 8. Commitment to Growth: people have abilities to learn and grow if pushed. 9. Stewardship: Service ahead of self-interest 10. Focus on community: Building on JOINT interest Ways to practice servant leadership include letting it be a part of a company or organizations vision. Being a servant first is an idea that can be incorporated. Ask “who do you serve” and “For what purpose” these questions can ignite organizations. Use the “learning by doing” ideas to introduce servant leadership. Servant Leadership courses should be made available for training. Servant leadership is important because modern times are defined by people who expect
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Term Notes - Term Paper Notes Nathan Jensen Friday, 4.30...

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