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Unformatted text preview: • Memory - Chapter 7 Memory - Chapter 7 • Lecture Overview • The Nature of Memory • Biological Bases of Memory • Forgetting • Memory Distortions Memories, first, last, random, repeats Common recall, 4 Recognition vs. Recall Can you write down the names of Santa’s Nine Reindeer? • The Nature of Memory • Memory Memory : __internal record or representation of some prior event or response_ ___ • Memory is also a __constructive process ___, in which we actively organize and shape information as it is processed, stored, and retrieved. • The Nature of Memory—Description of Four Memory Models • 1. _ Information processing approach ___ : memory is a process analogous to a computer, which encodes, stores, and retrieves information • 2. _ Parallel Distributed Processing Model ____: memory is distributed across a network of interconnected units that work simultaneously (in a parallel fashion) to process information • 3._ Levels of Processing Approach __: memory depends on the degree or depth of mental processing occurring when material is initially encountered • 4._ T raditional Three Stage Memory Model _ __: memory requires three different storage boxes to hold and process information for various lengths of time • The Nature of Memory— Description of Three Stage Memory Model • __ Sensory Memory _:first memory stage that briefly preserves a relatively exact replica of sensory information • Sensory memory has a large capacity but information only lasts __only a few seconds _ • Selected information is sent on to __short –term memory __. Sperling’s Experiment with Sensory Memory • When flashed an arrangement of 12 letters for 1/20 of a second, most people can only recall 4 or 5....
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Ch_7_handout - • Memory - Chapter 7 Memory - Chapter 7...

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