Chapter_5_Handout - Chapter 5- States of Consciousness...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5- States of Consciousness Lecture Overview Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreaming Psychoactive Drugs Altering Consciousness through Meditation and Hypnosis Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreaming Consciousness : Altered State of Consciousness (ASC ): Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreaming: Circadian Rhythms ________________: biological changes occurring on a 24-hour cycle Our energy level, mood, learning, and alertness all vary throughout the day. Sections of the hypothalamus called the ________________ (SCN) and the ________________regulate these changes. How? What does your circadian rhythm look like? Click here to find out: Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreaming: Stages of Sleep NREM (non-REM) sleep: includes ________________ involves lower frequency brain waves, decreased pulse and breathing, and occasional, simple dreams serves a biological need (________________needs met before ________________needs) REM (Rapid-Eye-Movement) sleep: also known as paradoxical sleep. involves high-frequency brain waves, increased pulse and breathing, large muscle . serves a biological need. may play a role in learning and consolidating new memories. Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreaming: Why Do We Sleep ? ________________________________ : sleep evolved to conserve energy and as protection from predators ________________________________ sleep helps us recuperate physically, emotionally, and intellectually from depleting daily activities ________________________________: dreams are disguised symbols (________________versus ________________content) of repressed desires and anxieties ________________ ________________ (________________-________________hypothesis): dreams...
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Chapter_5_Handout - Chapter 5- States of Consciousness...

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