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Exam 1 - study guide - topics

Exam 1 - study guide - topics - each 3 components to an...

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Johari Window: what is and what are the 4 quadrants - when is it appropriate/ not appropriate to disclose? Define: - integration - differentiation - equifinality - in, through, output - study quizzes Know all the pairs of terms: individualism v. communitarianism (examples) Role concepts. Maintenance, individual, concept. - Gatekeeper, encourager, info seeker, help seeker, etc. Nominal vs. real teams: - team talk, what are the dimensions connected to team talk - 2 examples of social difference and power differentiation 5 ways to come to cognitive dissonance. Know difference of situations and examples of
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Unformatted text preview: each. 3 components to an attitude: cognitive, affective, and behavioral Do you know the difference between content and process? Supportive sides versus …? Provisional (defensive vs. supportive)-Know the difference between them both and be able to write situations. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Know how to identify them in situations. Unipurpose, excellence, intimate concern.- What are they and what do they mean?...
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