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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY LECTURE 24— MEMORY **Memory is not a tape recorder!! Memory Construction Loftus Studies --Red Datsun Studies --using the word smashed vs. the word bumped influenced subjects’ responses to questions Reality monitoring (source memory confusion)--Marcia Johnson SCREEN memories— Flashbulb Memory A clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event Memory is….Bits of Veridical…relics form the past--the Frontal Lobe (story teller) fills in the gaps Library Analogy of Memory ENCODE---STORE---RETRIEVAL ENCODE Books put on shelf MEMORY SYSTEMS Short Term Memory (STM) Sensory Memory —shortest form of memory **Iconic Memory --brief memory of a large amount of VISUAL information (quarter of second) **Echoic Memory —brief memory of auditory information; Lasts 3.5 – 4 seconds Mnemonics are what??? Acrostic —series of written lines in which the 1st, last, or other particular letters form a word phrase Roy G Biv ‘Every good boy does fine’ Acronym —a word formed from the initial letters of words in a phrase SCUBA, FBI, IRS
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STORAGE **Problems in store: forgetting Amnesia Retrograde Amnesia Anterograde Amnesia Infantile Amnesia STM→→LTM Long Term Memory (LTM) —memory system used to maintain information for long periods of time LTM composed of following 3 types of memory: Episodic Memory Semantic Memory —knowledge about the world stored as facts that make little or no reference to
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lect24(memory_cognition) - PSY120-CAROL DONNELLY LECTURE...

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