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Servant Leadership - Robert Greenleaf the founder of...

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Robert Greenleaf, the founder of servant leadership believed that being a servant first, beyond all other characteristics, is most important. Providing insight for others is a quality that should be held. Using all available abilities you have to complete the task at hand is part of the foundation of servant leadership. Trusting a person completely, as a leader, should not be possible without prior knowledge and trusting of their skills as a servant. It compares to driving a car. You would not hand the keys over to someone that you did not have prior knowledge of their driving skills. There is a base built on good character, morals, trust, and the ability to help others. Without this foundation there is not further growth as a leader. You must start at the bottom and work your way up. You should not automatically be the leader because you are simply appointed. To be a servant leader you must use good judgment in everything you do. Using these simple tools can help build the base one needs to continue to grow as a servant leader. Serving others is the most important feature of a great leader. The main focus of a servant leader is fulfillment of others, of which are normally followers, through serving them. It is a coaching of learning how to think out side the box. There is a goal in mind, and anything to help achieve that goal will be the primary target for the servant leader (Kiechel). Recognizing those leaders who display these characteristics can be difficult. The leaders that can help others
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Servant Leadership - Robert Greenleaf the founder of...

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