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Civil rights paper

Civil rights paper - Civil Rights Running Head CIVIL RIGHTS...

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Civil Rights 1 Running Head: CIVIL RIGHTS Civil Rights Movement Interview Auna Dailey Modern US History
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Civil Rights 2 Civil Rights Interview The Civil Rights Movement is known to this day as a movement that matured and furthered our country in many ways. Most people that experienced the Civil Rights Movement and Era are strong believers in equality and believe that all people no matter what color their skin is should have equal rights. I found these beliefs consistent while interviewing Gordon Hamacher. During the interview I touched on many different topics including, some biographical information, about the 1960’s, about leisure back then, and also about Civil Rights. Overall after interviewing Gordon, I found that his beliefs and opinions on certain matters of the 1960’s are very similar to that of others. The person interviewed, Gordon Hamacher, was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is currently 82 years old, and in 1960 he was 37.
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