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Auna Dailey MGMT 357 2/10/2009 Best Engineered Case Study Question What development problems has the NCR approach overcome? The NCR approach has overcame many problems associated with development.  The  main issue that has been eliminated in the productions of the new 2760 electronic cash register  is that there are not any screws or fasteners used in the assembly of the product.  Screws and  fasteners may only run pennies a piece, but if all of the associated cost, such as time needed to  align components while screws are inserted and tightened and the price of the parts can pile up  to 75 percent of total assembly costs.  As stated in the case, “Had screws been included in the 
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Unformatted text preview: design of the NCR’s 2760, the total cost over the lifetime of the model would have been $12,500, per screw.” Another developmental problem that the NCR approach overcame was the amount of vendor-produced components that it took to assemble the product. The new terminal consists of only 15 vendor-produced components, which is 85 percent fewer parts, from 65 percent fewer suppliers, than in the company’s previous model, the 2160. Also the terminal takes only 25 percent as much time as the previous to fully assemble. Altogether using the NCR approach has overcame many problems that would have been faced previously....
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