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Auna Dailey MGMT 357 1/13/09 HollyRock Case Study Questions 1. Who are HollyRock’s customers? HollyRock’s customers consisted of all the teenage population from the town of Holliston. 2. Who are likely to be HollyRocks competitors? HollyRock’s competitors will most likely consist of the town’s pizza/Italian food restaurant and the only other restaurant in Hollistown, Robb’s. 3. Consider the structural and infrastructural decision Hannah made. Do the decisions support each other? Are the decisions aligned to support her overall strategy for HollyRock? In my opinion most of the decisions Hannah made were not aligned to support her overall strategy and
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Unformatted text preview: definitely did not support each other. Hannah had stated she wanted a place for the 1,000 teenagers to have a safe plan to “hang out”, yet when she designed HollyRock it was able to only accommodate 75 people. She only had a workforce of three people, yet she stated she wanted HollyRock to be “welcoming atmosphere” for the young townspeople. With only three employees, none of which interact with the customers repeatedly, how is it supposed to be welcoming? Altogether I believe that Hannah did a good job of putting together HollyRock, I just believe that she should have found a larger building and had hired more of a workforce....
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