Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership - Kenneth Harry Blanchard is a main...

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Kenneth Harry Blanchard is a main developer in the Situational Leadership style. In this type of leadership, it is ideal for the leader’s skills to be matched with the proper employee type. In this idea, leaders are broken into four different sections of skills for effective leadership. Each style of leadership and the sections of skills are based on a spectrum ranging from directive leadership to supportive leadership (Blanchard). The employee’s skills are also broken up into four sections based on competence and commitment. Ideally, when a problem occurs, the leader can adapt to the situation and use either supportive, directive, or a combination of the two to help the employee through the situation. Situational leadership is a great way to help individuals through issues and create a better work environment. Blanchard created a situational leadership theory based on the follower. The employee as the follower displays an amount of competency and willingness to participate, and therefore allows the leader to assess the situation. Leaders will adapt their leading styles to accompany the learning styles of the follower. To begin understanding how the leaders can help, Blanchard discusses the four leadership styles. The first is the directive style. This style is sometimes thought of as an authoritative style of leadership. Something that one person has complete control, like a drill sergeant. Directive actions are taken to complete tasks. There is a low sense of support in this fourth of the spectrum. As we move on toward ultimately a supportive style of leadership, we start to mesh the two ends. Style two is a Coaching style of leadership. In this you still have high directive leadership. Commands may be heavy, but there is also a high supportive factor involved. There begins to be support from the leader that is not apparent in the first style of leadership. Continuing along the spectrum, you reach leadership style three. Supporting is the main focus of this style. You get high support from the leader who aims to guide you. There is a
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relationship built on support where task specifics are not a main focus. The task oriented part is
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Situational Leadership - Kenneth Harry Blanchard is a main...

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